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Positive Futurism influences the future in a positive way to gain momentum for a more inclusive, solution-oriented perspective.

Period. End of Sentence.

The Hopi word koyannisqatsi describes the present state
of the world better than any word in English. This word signifies
“life out of balance”. Human society and earth’s biosphere
are in a state of severe koyannisqatsi.

The modern world is built on two fundamental problems.
The first is the lack of sound orientation and inspiration.
There isn’t a consensus that respect for life is paramount. The second is that human beings place their personal welfare over others.

For people to have mental health, first and foremost, we have to have a reverence for all life and…

From emotional abuse to environmental abuse, the 21st-century must embrace better behaviors from equality and sustainability to cultivating ethical leaders in the Global Change Movement.

If a better future is possible, it begins by creating sustainable lifestyles, not just renewable energy sources. It also begins by realizing our current behaviors and actions, despite being “normalized” are quite harmful to ourselves, each other, and nature. From emotional abuse to environmental abuse, 20th-century society must evolve, “wake up.”

When we are so-called “asleep” we are under the assumption that social norms and how we’re living, acting, behaving is appropriate, normal, natural, correct, healthy.

Are enough of these changes happening already, albeit it at a snail’s pace sometimes so slow that we cannot see them happening? Not “enough,” no, but enough of us have begun waking up, I believe, that we can say, perhaps optimistically, Yes! …

“Stories from the Future”

Writing prompts and more information:

Listen to the podcast:

Solarpunk and Positive Futurism lead the revolt against dystopianism.

Solarpunk and Positive Futurism are terms for a relatively new genre that focuses our collective imagination on a future we love, instead of one we fear.

Solarpunk began as an offshoot of Steampunk, and is generally recognized as a sub-genre of sci-fi imagining vibrant future worlds replete with colorful garb, and solar-powered communities of the future. The term has since grown into a movement of people living eco-friendly lives today.

The changes we need will not come through diplomacy or politics. But they will come. An inexorable evolution towards a society founded on equality has already begun. We are struggling to reach a new enlightenment. It might take generations, or centuries, but we will get there.

Metastentialism, literally, an “inclusive perspective” shows us a world of social justice, inclusivity, and a world where the needs of the many are seen as equal to the needs of the individual. It’s the antidote to greed, where anyone thinks their own good is better than the greater good. Better said: we care for…

In chess, what if the goal were something other than checkmating the king ~ something that taught the value of peace instead of war?

So many of our modern games (and the homo sapien way of thinking up to this point) has been based on competition, instead of cooperation. There is style of game (more popular in Europe) called a “cooperative game.” For example, all the players are figherfighters, and they have to work together to get as many people out of a burning building as possible.

Humanity is only going to survive climate change if we can learn to cooperate in some fundamental ways. Survival of the fittest? Maybe cooperation is more of a survival trail than competition.

In chess, what if the…

Instead of creating a Cooperative Economy, Cryptocurrency creates a Technocracy

Cryptocurrency creates a Technocracy but hopes to usher in a Cooperative Economy

Cryptonomics: Instead of creating a Cooperative Economy, Cryptocurrency creates a Technocracy.

Would we rather have computer programmers as the new social ruling class? That’s called a Technocracy, when the technocrats overthrow the banks and become the new ruling class! That’s essentially the direction Cryptocurrency is taking us in. Crypto is not the solution because it introduces one more degree of separation into an already convoluted system. How? It funnels wealth to a new highly specialized social class that control the money supply ~ the computer programmers.

Cooperative Capitalism could actually work well. Today, capitalism itself is not the core problem…

I tell Positive stories from the Future … like the one John Lennon may have imagined. We do a podcast, an Audio Drama.

I would think I’m crazy, too, if I didn’t observe that I keep dedicating full-time status to my work. I don’t do it for money. Circumstances being what they are, Universe has seen fit to offer me circumstances where, to quote Alan Watts, “money is no object.” Listen to Alan, he articulates brilliantly.

New Age “life coaches” would say that not making money is a “blockage” or the result of “bad money programming.” That thought, along with most of theirs, I believe, still comes from (their words) “programming.” Still I feel “survivor’s guilt” for the circumstances that allow living ahead…

I’m sure some people earn thousands. Here’s what’s…

The content advisory in the episode description says, “Includes use of a slur.” Is calling it a “slur” the politically correct way to make a racist remark?

Whether the parrot who is the main character in “Jealous Husband Returns in Form of Parrot” by Robert Olen Butleris is racist isn’t even a question. The question is Which racial slurs are acceptable? The answer should be none.

The LeVar Burton Reads Podcast, now in its 9th season, chose to read a story that openly makes a racial slur, and does so more than once.

The parrot in the story is a reincarnation of a woman’s dead husband who comes back to life and sees her with a new lover. We learn the race of the new lover by…

Thomas Tortorich

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